• Fall Clearance has Begun!

    Fall Clearance has Begun!

    Get 15-35% off nursery and perennial items this week. Save 25-35% on decorative concrete and pots.

  • Fall Bulbs Have Arrived!

    Fall Bulbs Have Arrived!

    Our fall bulbs are starting to arrive. From Alliums to Canada Celebration Tulips we have the best selection in Niagara.

  • Succulent Farm @ Rice Road

    Succulent Farm @ Rice Road

    Did you know among the thousands of plants we grow on-site, we have been growing an amazing selection of tropical succulents?

  • Inbloom Floral & Gifts

    Inbloom Floral & Gifts

    Come down and see what's InBloom at our full service floral design studio. New hand-tied bouquets and arrangements created daily, ready for you to take home.

Featured News

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Living Interior Design with Houseplants

Houseplants are not only beneficial for your health, they are also great for decorating your home. Here are some lists we have compiled to help you choose the best houseplant for your home. From pet-friendly, to the indestructible, we have a plant for you.

Rice Road Plant Storage

Do you have tropicals that are too big to fit into your house? Are you planning on escaping the Canadian winter this season and have some mid/large sized tropicals you would like tended too? Let us store and babysit your plants this winter!

Bring Houseplants Indoors

With fall settling in nicely it's time we start bringing tender plants indoors. Learn more with our simple guidelines for bringing plants indoors to ensure healthy specimens for years to come.

Customer Loyalty Program

Our customers keep us invigorated from season to season, and we like to thank them for shopping with us. Get the moost out of your shopping experience with our customer card program, where you collect points for every purchase made! These points can then be redeemed towards any goods* in-store. The best part, it's FREE!

Featured Advice

Grow your Own Garlic

Garlic, traditionally known to ward off vampires, can also ward off the doctor. Learn how to plant garlic, health benefits AND also a little bit about the 10 different varieties we carry.

Grub Control

Beneficial nematodes can be applied to your lawn and gardens to treat grub infestations. Now is the time to apply!

  • winter is coming

Fall Garden and Lawn Maintenance

We're here to make fall cleanup simple with a guideline for getting your garden and lawn ready for the colder months this fall!

  • bulbs

Garden Advice: Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs in Fall

Here are some simple guidelines on how to plant spring flowering bulbs this fall.